preplanning office


Families are taking important steps to pre-plan their funerals because of the many advantages that pre-planning offers. We believe so strongly in the importance of pre-planning that we will honor the pre-arrangements made at other funeral homes.

Advantages of Pre-planning a Funeral

  • Planning allows you to make your wishes known to your survivors.
  • Pre-planning offers important financial advantages (Consult on of our licensed Funeral Directors for more details.)
  • Pre-planning arrangements is flexible and may be updated or changed in future years.
  • Pre-planning gives your family the peace of mind in knowing that a family member will not have to made difficult decisions during an emotional time.

If you wish to discuss pre-planning, give us a call at (606) 436-2361 or (606) 436-2175. You may also complete our preplanning form or fill out just the first few lines and we will contact you for additional information.

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